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The water of the pool crystal clear and it sure looks tempting in sunny weather. However, are you sure will you clean?

As it turns out, there are many diseases that can be transmitted through the water of the pool. For example, diarrhea, irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract irritation.

According to research conducted by the Center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) AS against 40 per cent of the public swimming pool in the you.s., the children’s pool is the dirtiest.

“Children who are still learning to use the toilet is the most polluting of the water party. They are also more prone to swallow pool water. A second factor that can trigger outbreaks of diarrheal diseases, “said Michael Beach, Director of the CDC for the cleanliness of the water.

The majority of the pollution in the public swimming pool and bathing places comes from people who suffer diarrhea and still swimming.

“Someone who is sick with diarrhea and swimming can pollute, even though sometimes people swallow pool water,” said Beach. global online

He says, should someone not swim until completely healed diary and also rinsing the body before getting into the pool.

Parents can also maintain the cleanliness of pool water with a disposable diaper check the child and bring her child to the toilet for urinating every hour. Disposable diapers are also supposed to be replaced in the locker room or the shower, not around the pool.

Almost a quarter of diarrhea outbreaks associated with swimming pools bacteria, such as Shigella, Campylobacter, and e. Coli, which is supposed to be destroyed by water disinfectant.

The CDC study was also found, many swimming pools that have the acidity levels (pH), low safety standards, and the level of disinfectant less.

“The pH levels is critical because it determines how effective disinfectant to kill germs,” said Beach.

Aside from the germs that brought the user to the pool, someone could also be affected by irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract because the steam that comes from, which is formed when chlorine interacts with human urine or sweat.

Colds, coughs or disease in Indonesia called the flu, is an illness that makes a child absent a subscription school.

The condition is often called also with upper respiratory tract infections (RESPIRATORY) and the common cold. What a child can suffer from this illness is 6-8 times a year because their immune system is still adapting.

In childhood, RESPIRATORY Nasal symptoms have slogged, fever, difficulty sleeping, cranky, and sometimes accompanied easy and diarrhea.

Meanwhile, in school age children, disease elicited symptoms of nose red, and itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, headaches, as well as the children looked lethargic.

RESPIRATORY symptoms typically begin 1-3 days after contact with the virus. Common cold or RESPIRATORY disease is not harmful, and usually, these symptoms will disappear within one week and the longest two weeks. However, usually, this disease can cause infections of the follow-up, such as ear infections.

There are several reasons children easily become infected with a virus common cold:

1. Children aged less than seven years old have the rudimentary immune system, so they are susceptible to contracting the flu virus.

2. Kids easily transmit germs among them, this is because the child usually does not close your nose and mouth when sneezing. Also, they also frequently touched surfaces exposed to the virus, such as the face of a desk at school or toys.

3. Upper respiratory tract children not yet formed entirely so susceptible of contracting germs and viruses.

4. Children are also more susceptible to have allergic rhinitis and asthma so that they easily suffer RESPIRATORY.

5. Symptoms of the disease and allergic rhinitis chronic sinus infection are also similar to flu symptoms so parents often can’t tell the difference.

Things parents can do is to make sure children get nutritious foods, drinking enough, and sufficient rest so that better body immunity. Enough child needs vitamin through the vegetable and fruits.

Avoid the child from cigarette smoke from their environment because it may cause irritation of the nose and throat.

Have a new home is the dream of every person. Some of them already have plans when styling your new home.

However, the problem is they are often difficulties in preparing the items will be moved to a new home.

Move the stuff from the old House to the new house sometimes takes a long time. After that, you have to re-arrange the items.

The following tips in order to move your home more organized by either:

Name on the box

Make sure you have enough boxes to pack the goods. Then, the boxes are named, in keeping with its contents. This makes it easier when unpacking the boxes.

Moving on after a new home completed

When you want to move to a new home, make sure his home is finished being built or renovated. Because if it is still in the stage of renovations, the stuff you still have to move.

Pack the item well

In the Pack and set it up, do well, neatly styled, because it helps you when unpacking the stuff in the new House.

Ask for help if need

When you move home, certainly a lot of stuff that should be the first. If not able to, enlist the help of relatives. It goes without shame, they will definitely help you.

Separate your fragile items in one box

Separate boxes that are easily breakable or fragile. Since the time of the trip from the old House to the new House of course takes time. indosiar online

Don’t get the goods-glassware yours shaken until broken. So, separate the items into a separate box.

Many ways to clean a glass window in your home. However, it’s worth paying attention to the following simple way:

Use toothpaste

Of course, there is not enough clean window glass only with water, especially if the window glass is already scratched. To eliminate scratches, you can use toothpaste.

How, DAB a little toothpaste on a soft Duster. After that, rub a cloth on the glass for 30 seconds. Next, scrub it again with a clean rag to a shiny glass surface.

Avoid cleaning the windshield when the Sun is high

Perhaps, you think, is the most appropriate time cleaning the glass is when the Sun is shining. It’s a great one. Scorching sunlight will cause the window, so it’s striped.

We recommend that you clean the glass window when the weather is cloudy.

Use vinegar

In fact, no need to buy liquid glass cleaner, because you can make yourself at home. How, mix vinegar with warm water in the composition just as much.

Then, spray the vinegar liquid on glass and wipe as usual until clean. The vinegar will help break down the chemical content in oil at the surface of the window.

The paper filter (filter) coffee

Do not use paper towels to wipe the glass of the window. Tissue paper would be damaged if exposed to the air so it can leave dirt on the glass while wiping the glass using a rag will leave fibers-fibers smooth.

For that, it’s good you’re using paper filter (filter) coffee. This paper has a high water absorption without leaving scars.

In addition to paper copies, you can also use a sponge or cleaning tool glass from rubber. Clean the glass with a glass rubbing way two-way mutually perpendicular. To prevent dirt scars left on each end of the direction of polishing.

You can also use fluffy brush teeth to remove dust and dirt in the corners of the window.

For clean glass Windows, scrub the glass using a cotton cloth or white paper. Rub the glass until the sparkling like crystal.

You have heard about ikebana, the art of arranging the flowers from Japan, how about KonMari method?

KonMari is a way of organizing the House by Marie Kondo, author of the best-seller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” which has sold two million copies.

If you don’t have the time to buy and read this book, here are some lessons from the Konmari method.

Release the objects for things that are more important.

Before you start tidying, imagine living with a House as you want. Whether more room for your hobby or have a baby?

Setting priorities can prepare you to let go of things that hinder your life. sctv online

Save only the stuff that makes you happy.

How do I determine it? Kondo suggested to pick it up, inspect and imagine your life without objects.

Sometimes these things aren’t always rational. Kondo himself maintains a t-shirt that he got in an exhibition even though a lot of people despise the outfits.

Kondo wrote, “when you can say without a doubt that you like the object, do not care about other people.”

“Someday” will never come.

Many of the things we keep it because maybe we’ll need it someday. A stack of dusty cosmetics, clothes is not appropriate time or stack of old magazines …

According to Kondo, a body loses meaning when he is no longer used. Therefore, it is better we let go of these things.

Every day in the spring, a total of 7,000 people came to a village in Japan to enjoy the world’s most romantic park.

It turned out to be made by someone who hopes to help his wife, who is blind.

After marrying more than half a century ago, Kuroki and his focus to raising two children and runs a dairy farm in the small town of Shintomi in Miyazaki.

But in 1986, the wife of Kuroki suddenly lost his sight because of diabetes complications.

Women who previously closed due to being cheerful, knowing that he and Kuroki won’t be able to fulfill their dreams get around Japan.

Heartbroken because it viewed the sudden isolation of his wife, Kuroki began looking for ways to attract visitors to their home.

Kuroki, any thought of interest Shibazakura pink, has always been the main attraction when the annual flower festival at Mount Fuji.

He realized fragrant flower garden would appeal to smell his wife and invite guests to see it.

These faithful husband and then spent two further years to open up the land on a hillside and covered it with flowers Shibazakura seedlings.

The Act of love is finally making his wife smiled back. Expectations, the Park also attracts more visitors even more than imagined.

This pair of Kuroki may indeed have not been able to travel to Japan as planned.

However, their farm is now a popular tourist destination, and bring more people to visit.

Tourists not only come to see the flowers lovely Shibazakura but also seek inspiration from nature itself and the story behind the making of love loyalty grounds.

Hot weather makes the activity of swimming much favored by both adults and children. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns the pool lover to be more careful before approaching to the water.

Ini Pentingnya Memerhatikan Kebersihan Kolam Renang Sebelum Berenang

CDC conducts data analysis of inspection by 2013 from the five countries which include 48 thousand public swimming pool. The study mentions of 80 percent of open water place had at least one violation. Then, one of the eight swimming pools should be closed after a serious offense because inspections are carried out and the impact on health and safety.

Dr. Beth Bell, Director of the CDC’S National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases confirmed, of course, no one is ill or injured after visiting the public swimming pool, thermal baths or playground with water.

“This is causing public health institutions, and professional water sports community joins hands to improve the operation and maintenance of public places so that people will be healthy and safe when they swim,” says Bell.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Glatter of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City said the findings underscore how people must always be alert and aware of the environment when they go to the public pool.

“You always feel secure, though if not careful can happen infections and an increase in infectious diseases,” added Glatter, who is not involved in the writing of this study.

Meanwhile, responding to the results of the study, the CDC has suggested using the test of acid and base to measure the pH of the pool and released the Model Aquatic Health Code to provide guidance on State and local governments so they can keep an eye on the pool. Quoted from ABC News, on the other hand, there is the basic step of expressing Glacier, which can be followed when visiting a swimming pool. rcti online

This way according to Glatter can reduce the risk of illness. “First have to comb out the cleanliness of the pool, if you can see to the bottom of the swimming pool, that is pretty clean,”

A simple hospital though generally have medical equipment and drugs. Then it when looking at hospitals in Venezuela is, it’s not sure that it’s really a hospital. There is no electricity, medical equipment, even drugs. All Department potluck.

Alat Medis dan Obat Minim, Kisah Sedih RS di Venezuela

Venezuela’s economy is indeed being collapsed. This year’s projected inflation rate in Venezuela reached 481 percent or almost 500 percent. This gives rise to many new problems that make sad.

Imagine, since the price of oil plummeting, all aspects of daily life such as electricity, food, and paper must be rationed. Health centers in the country participated and any impact. Sad to see a hospital without electricity, antibiotics, SOAP, gloves or x-ray.

With equipment that is very very minimal, surgeons struggled to defend the lives of patients who are lying ill. So quoted from the Daily Mail,

RS conditions in Venezuela that make sad among others in The Luis Razetti Hospital, Barcelona. The State of RS is similar to a war zone. There are patients who are lying while keeping balance on the bed half broken.

In the meantime some other patients huddled on the floor with the rest of the blood in the body and limbs are blackened. There is also a child patient lying on the floor on a dirty cardboard in the hallway of the hospital without food, drinking water and also medications.

That was no less sad. There are journalists who reported the deaths of seven infants in the HOSPITAL because there is no oxygen tube. Any doctor can only pump air into the lungs with the use of hands. Not to mention the reports of deficiency blood patients due to blood banks close on public holidays due to the effort of saving electricity by the Government.

Meanwhile, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, was reportedly refused to seek international support related health system of the country. Foreign aid he thinks instead will destroy the country.

Some features of Urinary Stones can you Know
The stone on the urethra there are small or large. The larger the size it will increasingly clog up the urinary tract and cause a lot of complaints. The type of texture and location of the stone also affects the weight of light symptom caused. Various characteristics of urinary stones can be recognized, among others, as follows:

Mengenali Ciri-Ciri Kencing Batu dan Cara Pengobatannya

Pain when urinating
Characteristics of urinary stones are the most common, namely the existence of sense during urination. Pain intensity among those who one another is certainly different. There is the usual course, but there is also significant pain going up. Frequency there are just sometimes, but there are also happens very often. The difference of this pain can be affected by where they have located as well as the size of the stone big or small stone. Pain usually accompanied by a sense of heat during urination.

The presence of blood in urine
There is blood in the urine or often referred to as hematuria, is characteristic of a urinary stone that occurs due to irritation of the urinary tract. The presence of stone which can be large and have a texture that is a bit sharp when passing through the ureter, the duct can irritate and trigger bleeding on its walls. And the blood will mix with the urine so that the urine becomes red or brownish. If there is a trait like this, then you should immediately see a doctor to get a further handling.

Lumbago is also a characteristic of a urinary stone which often complained of the sufferer. Lumbago is occurring because of urinary tract stones on either in the kidneys, ureters, and bladder that irritate or cause reactions in these areas so as to provide a response to pain in the waist area, either on the right or the left. This pain can be felt just plain weariness or may occur a great pain in the waist. This pain can spread to the area around the waist, like the back and the ribs. biodata sandra dewi

Characteristics of urinary stone which next occurs fever. Fever is a natural response of the body due to the entry of germs/microorganisms into the body. Urinary stone disease fever is caused due to the occurrence of the processes of inflammation in the urinary tract that often causes its victims to high heat. In a case of fever, means the process of infection is going on, so we encourage you to bring immediately to the doctor provided antibiotics to fight infection-causing bacteria.

Urinary stone disease usually affects the digestive system due to its location. This normally causes bloating or full flavor in the abdominal area that triggers nausea or vomiting. If such a thing happened, the doctor would usually prescribe anti-nausea/vomiting to relieve symptoms.

Body fatigue
Body fatigue is also one of the characteristics of urinary stones. The sufferer will usually experience a weak, tired, lethargic, and less passionate. Appetite can also decrease and a passion for the decline.

Five kinds of Fruit to Good for pregnant women
During pregnancy, an expectant mother would surely many physical and psychological changes that will impact and disruption of changing some of the functions of the body. This must result in the everyday life of the mother would be quite disturbed, especially if the intake of nutrients, nutrition and his would be sure not. Thus, the fruit is one type of food is excellent as a replacement food snacks for pregnant women because the fruit is much healthier and have a lot of content that is required by a mother and also to the growth of the fetus in the womb. And before discussing some of the fruit that was forbidden for pregnant women, the following are some types of fruit that are good for pregnant women.

buah yg baik untuk ibu hamil

Date palm
Fruit that is identical to this Arab country does have many nutrient nutritious for pregnant women. Some of the nutrient content in the fruit of the date palm is such as potassium, fiber, manganese, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. Some minerals such as iron are one that is beneficial for an expectant mother. Because this iron can help the body produce hemoglobin, so that pregnant women could be spared from possible exposed to anemia. In addition to this sense of the cramps that often experienced by pregnant women can also be resolved with the potassium in the fruit of the date palm. And also can be a lucrative food good for pregnant first trimester, the date palm is also recommended for those of you who have already entered the final trimester of pregnancy because of B vitamins in fruits of the date palm can help the mother strengthened the walls of her womb.

Avocado is a fruit, one fruit that tastes delicious and is derived from the State of Mexico. And it turns out that besides it tastes delicious and can also be used for beauty treatments, nutrition contained in avocado turns out could help maintain the health of pregnant women. This is because the fruit of the avocado contains folic acid, potassium, and vitamin B complex, where such substances are indeed very needed by pregnant women to maintain the health of the body and helps to grow hibiscus fetus. Folic acid is one of the substances that are extremely beneficial for the fetus because it can help the brain development and bone back. Especially in the first trimester, good fruits for pregnant women can help overcome nausea and vomiting.

In the third there is mangosteen, a fruit that is purple and has a high vitamin C content. And it turns out that vitamin C is present in pregnant body skin elasticity can help expectant mothers during pregnancy because usually the mother body condition increasingly today will be more grown up. Also to the fruit that tastes unique is also the same with the avocado because it has a lot of content of folic acid is beneficial to the development of the fetus. The fetus will avoid the risk of being born prematurely or handicapped. While manganese will serve as body armor and also the fetus from free radical disruption.

Not the Serpent Dragon, but good fruits for pregnant women is Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that has a unique. Improved very much, especially for health, and one of them for pregnant women. For pregnant women who often feel there is phlegm the Scotch, then by consuming these fruits will be the mother to remove phlegm. The other advantage is the fruit of this one rarely use pesticides or the like. This is because the skin of the fruit is quite thick, so it’s very safe as one of good food for expectant mothers, especially during the first trimester.

Most people love this type of fruit is this one because the fruit has red, green or yellow has a flavor that is delicious and easy to eat. An awful lot of vitamins-vitamins in apples needed by pregnant women, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and also vitamin c. For pregnant women, a high content of fiber in apples also makes this fruit is very good to overcome disease diarrhea or constipation. And for those of you who like to eat snacks, better replace Your snacks are unhealthy may be with apples. Because apples also have the nutrient content that needs by pregnant women to keep body weight ideally.